A Mission Base

People come to faith because their friends and family share the gospel with them. This is true of the vast majority of people who come to faith today. Relationships are key. As a result of this as a church we want to be equipping each person to share their faith with their friends, family and colleagues. We believe that it is vital to provide ongoing training in personal faith sharing.

We also believe that there is a process by which people come to faith – step by step they are drawn into a relationship with Jesus. We want to help create stepping stones for them to move closer to that personal encounter. For many the first step on that journey is to discover that Christians are good and able to help. That is why we believe in demonstrating the gospel before explaining it in words – this is why we employ a part-time community development worker whose job it is to create new ways of communicating the gospel through acts of service to our community.

There is a growing openness to “spirituality” and for some this is their point of engagement to enter the journey towards Jesus. As a church we have, over the years, pioneered and developed a multitude of ways to reach and engage those who are looking for ‘something beyond’. We have pioneered Healing Rooms ministry, set up Sozo teams, birthed ‘Source’ ministry and our own Dream Team ministry, where we seek to offer biblical patterns of interpretation for people’s significant dreams.

Although more and more people have a limited biblical knowledge we do believe that part of the process of people coming to faith must be an engagement with the questions of truth that have to be faced if we are to enter into a real relationship with Jesus Christ. This is why as a church we are committed to running the Alpha course (www.uk.alpha.org) regularly.

More than anything else what makes us distinct as a church is our commitment to church planting. We believe that “the single most effective evangelistic methodology under heaven is planting new churches” (C. Peter Wagner). We believe that a radical commitment to equipping pioneering church planters through Forge (www.forgescotland.com) alongside other courses will result in a whole new wave of churches connecting with those who at the moment will have nothing to do with existing patterns of church.

We also believe that a “one size fits all” approach to church life does not work anymore. This is why one element of our local evangelistic strategy is to plant “congregations” with a strong focus on reaching certain sections of our community. This is why we are a multi-congregational church with a Sunday Congregation with a family focus, Revolution reaching primary aged children and Renewal for those in secondary school.  Beyond this we are involved with the work of the Wheel Trust and Scripture Union.