A House of Prayer and Worship

Throughout the world church there is an increase in radical prayer and worship. Whether it is a rediscovery of the ancient patterns and rhythms of daily prayer, or the ceaseless patterns of the 24/7 Prayer movement (www.24-7prayer.com ), there is a powerful upsurge of prayer today.

As a church we want to be part of this God-breathed movement. We believe that the Lord is calling on his Bride to passionately pursue him in prayer and worship. We want to establish a house of prayer and worship where this kind of lifestyle of prayer and worship can be part of the foundation of what we do day by day.

At the moment we are seeking the way forward in how to establish a pattern of prayer and worship. We have a dispersed pattern of prayer as a church at the moment with many gathering in triplets and small groups throughout the week, as well as three set times to gather throughout the week.

For more information on prayer please contact one of the leadership team.