What We Do

Whiteinch Church aspires to be:

  • A house of prayer and worship
  • A mission base
  • A community of healing and renewal
  • A place of learning and equipping
  • A centre of creativity

We would describe this as being an Urban Monastery. Urban Monastery picks up many of the threads of church life that we have experienced and weaves it together into a pattern of community life that we see as bringing vitality and releasing energy to fulfil the vision the Lord is calling us to.

Ian Bradley in his book, “Colonies of Heaven – Celtic models for today’s church” describes the role, scope and function of a Celtic monastery as follows,

“In scattered rural communities with virtually no other institutions or centres, (Celtic monasteries) fulfilled the roles of hospital, hotel, school, university, arts workshop, open prison and reformatory, night shelter and drop-in day centre as well as church, retreat house, mission station and place of prayer and spiritual healing. They concerned themselves not just with the spiritual, intellectual and physical well-being of the tribal communities which they served but also with their culture and tradition.” Colonies of Heaven, Ian Bradley (p11)

Through developing an Urban Monastery in Whiteinch we are seeking to embrace the breadth of this vision. We are seeking to take hold of many of the best elements of the Celtic spiritual heritage without endorsing the need for a detached monastic community. We love the way in which a community of faith is able to be so multifaceted. We long to be the kind of dynamic community that gives a platform for a whole variety of Kingdom expression ranging from exuberant worship to radical social and political activism.