Emotionally Healthy Spirituality


Over the course of the Autumn, we are looking at what it means to have an “Emotionally Healthy” spirituality, based on the work by Peter Scazzero.

You can buy a copy of the book, although it’s not a requirement, from Amazon (paperback or Kindle) or Eden or the bookstore of your choice.

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The Daily Office

3 simple prayers to pray in the morning, at noon, and in the evening.


Lord, slow me down that I might pay attention to You through this day. Let me see You in the ordinary. Anchor me in You today.


Lord, in the middle of my day, I choose to stop, to re-centre, to reconnect with You. Break me free from all thoughts and ideas about You which are not true.


Lord, as I lie down to sleep, thank You for Your continued presence with me through the day and into the night. As I sleep, speak to my spirit and let me hear.