Encounter is the youth congregation here at Whiteinch Church and is led by Kareena Kaplitzke along with a core team and was officially launched in March 2007.

What we are about?
Church = Boring, Pews and Old Ladies? Think not!

That is not what it’s about!!

We are a generation that want God to breakout amongst our friends, family and community because we believe Christianity is relevant for today and that there is a message that can change this world. We also just want to have fun and have life to the full!

What we like to do?

We love to hang out and have fun together, get to know God more and tackle issues that are relevant for us today. Love to go on trips to Laser Questing, Bowling and just be in relationship with one another!

Why we do it?
Because we believe God is real and can impact our lives today.

Who’s it for?
Encounter is for secondary aged people who would like to find out more about this Jesus guy and how God has a plan for your life. We run small groups and each month have an Event where we can chillout together or have times of worshipping, teaching and encouraging one another. We also mentor the kids that come along to help process life situations for them.

More Information?
If you would like to ask more questions or if you want to be involved in the happenings here then you can email Kareena at encounter@whiteinchchurch.org or contact us at www.facebook.com/encounter1